When a holiday with my family

College activity that saturated makes me miss the beach to feel the atmosphere. Therefore the time off my studies for a time to myself to go home. So coincidentally, at the same time my brother is studying in France is also home to the island of Belitung bring playmates who comes from there. Vacation time I spent with them.
which makes me proud to be the island of Belitung is heard these words from my brother's friend said "Bali is good, Belitung's perfect."
The following photos that I took while on vacation with them ..

It's real Belitung...!! (All photos in this post without going through the editing process)

Belitung Island is one island in Indonesia that has the potential for coastal tourism which can rely on. On this island there are several beaches that is no less attractive when compared with bali. Therefore, not wrong if Belitung Island became one of the choices you can visit the tourist attractio
As an introduction, in this post I lay out some photos of the beauty of the island which long ago became my hometown.I'm sure you'll be amazed to see it.:)

For other beauty will be added in next post..

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